17 Questions for Your Squarespace Freelancer

Questions for your Squarespace freelancer

When hiring a Squarespace freelancer you've got 2 main considerations: web design and search engine optimization (SEO).

It's easy to spot a crummy website. It's not, however, as easy to decipher a successful website.

A beautiful website is an excellent start, but behind the scenes lies search engine optimization (SEO), a critical exercise in taking your site to the next level.

Let's start with web design.

Web Design

Ask pointed questions about a designer's experience and process.

  1. What websites they created?
  2. How do they integrate branding?
  3. What constitutes a successful design? What are their goals in developing a website? Most all designers value beauty, but where does navigation fall? And content marketing?
  4. How much will it cost
  5. Do they offer client revisions?
  6. Whats their time frame?
  7. Do they have expectations of you? Content? Images? Logo? And lastly...
  8. Do they integrate search engine optimization (SEO) into their design process?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you want to do SEO yourself, great! There's a learning curve, but this article might help you out.

If not, get someone who understands SEO.

Here are questions to ask a Squarespace SEO freelancer.

  1. Do they offer technical SEO setup?
    1. Google and Bing Webmaster Tools? Google and Bing offer interfaces for webmasters to communicate valuable information to search engines. They also offer keyword ranking data.
    2. Sitemap submissions? Sitemaps are a must for search engines to better understand your website.
    3. Conversion Tracking? Tracking conversions (email signups, online transactions, and contact form submissions) allows you to better understand your marketing efforts
    4. New URL submissions? Don't wait for search engines to crawl your site. Kickstart the process and send URLs directly to Google and Bing.
    5. Meta tag optimization? Content marketing requires a deep understanding of meta tags. Title tags in particular have an enormous weight on keyword rankings.
  2. Do they do extensive keyword research? Valuable search engine traffic requires knowing which keywords to target with content marketing.
  3. Do they have experience in ranking for keywords with content marketing? Content marketing is the crux of SEO. Without good content, you'll have difficulties ranking in search engines.
  4. Do they offer link building services?