10 Reasons Why You Need A Website For Your Business

Your website is your business’ calling card.

50 years ago, potential customers might have wandered by and seen your physical store on the street. They might have browsed through your products and services casually before deciding to make a purchase.

But now, your potential customers are more likely to find you on the web. Just as a physical store in past generations made your business “real,” your business basically doesn’t exist in 2019 without a high-quality website. Casual browsing is more possible than ever online.

The Definitive Squarespace SEO Guide (2019 Update)

This post covers 4 search engine optimization (SEO) topics: setup, content, links, and design. 

Each topic has a priority rating so people know where to start. All of these topics are important to SEO, but every website is different, every market is different, and people have differing time constraints.

With experience in ranking content and driving conversions, these are my SEO recommendations for your Squarespace website.

7 Types of Online Marketing To Boost Your Digital Presence

Consumers are spending more time online. For the first time in history, the average American in 2018 spent more time online than watching television, reading print, or listening to the radio.

What does this mean for businesses?

Limiting your marketing to old strategies like television and billboards won’t cut it -- expand your online presence or cede sales to those that do.

In this blog post, we walk you through the 7 types of online marketing. By implementing these marketing strategies, your business will flourish in the online era.

Why is User Experience Important?

An effective website conveys your values and presents your products or services in a simple, easy way.

Quality websites value user experience because a happy user is more likely to stay on the website, and ultimately buy services.

Squarespace SEO: 7 Simple Steps to Boost Traffic (2019 Update)

Search engine optimization is an invaluable process to aid your marketing. It requires up front work but the payoff is magnificent: consistent, relevant traffic with 0 costs. ZERO?? Zero.

The process can be as involved as you want it to be. You could spend years creating content, targeting keywords, and updating your blogs. But just a little work goes a long way.

Even if you just want to get started with SEO, do it! You never know what will be the difference maker. So try things, test them, and see what works.

Here's how to get started.

Why Product Descriptions are Important for SEO and Ecommerce

The product page is your sales pitch. Getting these pages right (their copy, images, and user experience as a whole) is crucial to converting users into customers.

Lackluster product pages that omit key information or don't adequately describe product benefits hamper conversion rates (turning website visitors into customers).

But product descriptions can do more than increase conversion rates. They can drive traffic.

The Ultimate Etsy SEO Guide (2018)

You’ve created your Etsy account, lined up your products, and launched your site. The first day, you check your account over and over to see if you’ve made a sale. Nothing.

It’s no big deal -  it is the first day after all.

A month or two goes by with no activity – no purchases, no favorites. You start to wonder if people just aren’t interested in what you’re selling.

Maybe this is your situation, or maybe you’re a seasoned Etsy seller with thousands of sales under your belt. Either way, learning about Etsy SEO tools will revolutionize your performance on Etsy.

Does Hosting Affect SEO? Probably Not, But...

There are a number of folks looking for hosting + SEO packages.

The two topics, however, are largely unrelated.

The Definitive WordPress SEO Guide (2018 Update)

WordPress has steadily gained popularity since it's launch in 2003. It's an open-source, customizable content management system (CMS). It started out as a blogging platform. (It still is). But it has morphed into something much bigger — the world’s most popular website platform (BuiltWith).

WordPress SEO Packages: Services, Plugins & Yoast

In a large internet full of websites trying to be seen, how can your website come out on top? The answer: SEO packages. This post addresses different features of SEO packages and plugins for WordPress (a popular website creator) and why these services are useful for getting your website seen.