.NET Domains & SEO Value

In January, 2016 my new digital marketing company -- Logical -- needed a domain name. LogicalSEO.COM was taken, so I opted for a .NET domain name.

As a search engine optimization (SEO) company, I worried that my .NET domain may affect my site's SEO value for competitive keywords.

Does it? Maybe, but we don't think so.

12 Title Tag Tips for Keyword Ranking & Traffic

Title tags are often the first thing users see when they enter a Google search. They are an essential part of organic search, content marketing, and search engine optimization.

Craft appealing title tags for click search engine ranking, click generating success!

Finding Ethical SEO Services

There are infinite ways to fudge numbers — and that's a problem in the search engine optimization (SEO) industry.

Companies may display true numbers, but they don't tell the whole story.

How to Setup Google Analytics With Squarespace

Google Analytics is essential to understanding your website’s users and how they interact with your site.

You can access certain metrics in Squarespace, but Google Analytics allows you to dig deeper and understand more.

Long Tail Keywords: Create Content that Ranks and Converts

Why target long tail keywords?

Reason 1 - People search long tail keywords 70% of the time.

That’s right. Add them all up and long tail keywords surpass primary keywords in total searches. There is an infinite number of long tail keyword combinations, and we did the math to prove it. The trick is choosing the right ones (we’ll get there).

Reason 2 - Long tail keywords are easier to rank for.

Specific (long tail) searches require specific answers. The big boys can only create enough content to satisfy so many searches. Your job is to fill in the gaps, which are often more fruitful (higher conversion rates) than primary keywords.

How Many Long Tail Keywords Exist?

The number alone would not fit on this page, nor the next page, nor the next — there are way too many zeroes.

According to the Global Language Monitor, there are well over 1 million words in the English language (1,025,109.8 to be exact). We took that number and used factorial mathematics to calculate the total number of possible keyword combinations.

The answer?....is on the next page!

Why Local Businesses Need to Optimize Their Google+ Page

Local results display before organic results

Traditionally, Google’s organic results displayed just below their ads. Now (for local searches) there’s an added box of content that pulls data directly from Google+.

Your company can now bypass the ever-competitive world of organic search and get qualified leads directly from Google’s local listings.

One Simple Method to Maximize Your SEO Strategy

Hone your skills and reach your internet marketing goals with the SOSTAC method.