Does Hosting Affect SEO? Probably Not, But...

does hosting affect seo

There are a number of folks looking for hosting + SEO packages.

The two topics, however, are largely unrelated.

What is hosting?

Your web hosting provider stores and / or manages your website's data; it's database, content, images, and text are literally being stored and broadcasted from a physical location.

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

SEO is the process of ranking for keywords by generating content, building links, and updating title tags.

This process is largely separate and independent from hosting.

Does hosting affect SEO?

Probably not. Hosting, however, can affect website speed. It's one of many things that affects speed. Speed can affect SEO.

In the grand scheme of things, most hosting packages are not going to inhibit your site speed. And if they do, it will be by very little.

What we recommend

Get your hosting and your SEO services separately. It's ok if you get them from the same company. But don't seek out bundled services because you likely won't get what you're looking for. 

Hosting packages aren't very expensive. Get one that works. It doesn't have to be pricey. 

SEO services, strategies, and packages vary from company to company. Find a brand that you can trust.

SEO is an odd topic for those who haven't explored its depths. Find a company that focuses on white-hat SEO: quality content, maybe link building, and a good keyword research process.