Done right, pay per click marketing uses advanced targeting for quality traffic and high conversion rates.


Advanced Targeting

Pay per click marketing offers advanced targeting methods. Target users by geographical location, age, device, or by income. But perhaps the best audience filter is the keyword. You choose which searches you want to display ads for. A New York City doughnut shop can display ads to people at the peak of their craving. A mechanic can display ads when people Google auto-related searches specific to their business.


Instant Impressions

Generate qualified traffic in no time. Ads display at the top or bottom of Google's search results. Over time, campaigns become more efficient: ads improve, new keywords are found, and your conversions increase. 

Verifiable Results

All of your campaigns will track data. AdWords and Bing are worth a try for most companies with a marketing budget. If they don’t work, you can either stop your campaigns or improve them. If they do, your marketing budget (or your profit) grows.