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Paid Search Specialists

  1. Account Structure - Proper account structure of campaigns and ad groups paves the way for optimized keyword bidding and ad targeting. When your foundation is solid, wasted spend is reduced, and ad groups, keywords, and ads are aligned.
  2. Quality Score - This first thing we look at is quality score. It tells us how your keywords are performing relative to your ads and landing pages. Higher quality scores lead to increased clickthrough rates, ad positions, and conversions.
  3. Keyword Bidding - Your best keywords should deliver the best return on investment (ROI). We'll set bidding to accomplish your important goals (ROI, cost per acquisition).
  4. Compelling Ad Copy - We write informative ads that encourage users to clickthrough and learn about your product or service. 
  5. Clickthrough Rates - Increased clickthrough rates will raise your quality score and put you in prime position to out-rank your competitors and attract qualified traffic.
  6. Targeting & Demographics - We'll find your niche with advanced targeting features that allow us to find the right people to see your ads. Targeting will narrow your pay per click marketing to those who are most likely to convert.
  7. Conversion Rate Optimization - Aside from compelling ad copy targeting the right keywords, we'll analyze your sales funnel to clean up the patches where users exit or disengage from your site.
  8. Long Tail Keyword Research - Long tail clicks often convert more customers and are cheaper than vague queries. We'll sift through data to pull in new keywords and set competitive bids to decrease costs and augment your conversions.
  9. Landing Page Optimization - With experience in conversion evaluation, web design, and calls to actions we'll develop, edit or modify your landing pages to provide your paid search customers with the best possible user experience.