Reach customers that left your website with ads linked to your site's content to bridge the sales funnel gap.


Maximum targeting


Convert users that already found you. They've already demonstrated interest, you just need to prove you're the right fit. Users exit the sales funnel for a variety of reasons, and retargeting is an excellent, affordable way to market to people who left. 


How remarketing works

When people visit websites, they accumulate cookies that track the pages they've visited. Companies add bits of code called tags that help them identify users that have visited their site, but have not completed the desired action. These tags allow companies to show ads on websites of their choice to remarket to customers who have already visited their website.

Say your website is targeting chocolate-chip cookie consumers. You find customers through organic search and AdWords with content that matches what they're looking for: delicious, gooey, melt-in-your-mouth cookies. But for some reason or other, 35% of the users who visit your cookie page don't buy your cookies. Remarketing allows you to selectively market to those users who didn't buy.

Generating success

A remarketing campaign can effectively turn leads into sales in a number of ways.

  1. A second impression - it's very possible that viewing your product or service one more time encourage a conversion. Those savory, chocolatey circles of goodness just needed to be seen twice.
  2. A gap in the sales funnel - some people are looking for something in particular. Maybe there's a demographic of cookie-buyers who need to explicitly be told that the chocolate chips are organic. Or that when they're baked, they will melt in your mouth. We'll find this content gap, and once we do, we'll target those customers with the information they need to convert.