The 10 Best Los Angeles SEO Companies

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1. SEO Noble Agency - Beverly Hills, CA

As one of the most highly praised SEO companies in LA, SEO Noble helps customers find your services or products.They tailor their SEO strategy to meet your goals, whether you're running a huge national company or a small local business. 

Specialties: SEO, Video Marketing, Digital Marketing

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2. Coalition Technologies - Culver City, CA

Coalition Technologies is a Web Design and SEO company that promises to deliver beautiful, search engine friendly websites and web features.They are a Google certified partner company.

Specialties: Web Design, WordPress, eCommerce, SEO

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3. SEO Direct - Los Angeles, CA

SEO Direct focuses on making your website search engine friendly by conducting extensive SEO audits. They also genuinely care about your business' success and pride themselves in transparent operation policies.

Specialties: PPC, SEO, eCommerce

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4. LA SEO Service - Los Angeles, CA

LA SEO Service combines the organization and professionalism of a big SEO firm with the low prices of a smaller firm to give you the best customer experience possible. Their experts can help create better content and work tirelessly to get your website found.

Specialties: Content Writing, Link Building, Social Media

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5. Noxster - Culver City, CA

Self-described as change agents, Noxster is committed to improving your website's visibility, with a focus on Mobile SEO services. They work with clients from a variety of backgrounds, including family brands, food and beverage sellers, health conscious companies, and lifestyle apparel brands

Specialties: Mobile SEO, AdWords, App Creation

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6. SEO Extent - Los Angeles, CA

SEO Extent prides themselves on a passionate, creative staff that delivers results. They handle everything: from building the website to optimizing your pages for search engines.

Specialties: Web Design, SEO, PPC

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7. SEO Services  - Torrance, CA

Their main goal is to help small and medium sized businesses establish a presence in the online world. They only ever taken 15 clients at a time, so you will receive attentive and individualized service.

Specialties: Link Building, Content Writing, SEO

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8. Colman Media - Los Angeles, CA

Colman Media aims to increase their clients' visibility through Digital Marketing and Branding. Their team also specializes in beautiful web creations.

Specialties: Graphic Design, SEO, Web Design

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9. LAD Solutions - Los Angeles, CA

LAD Solutions will help your website make the first page of Google and other search engines. They emphasize their transparency and will always value the customer first.


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10. Professional Optimizer - Los Angeles, CA

Around since 1998, Professional Optimizer is a well established Web Design company that also does Digital Marketing, PPC, and Video SEO. They advocate an aggressive approach and are guaranteed to bring in new customers for you.

Specialties: Youtube SEO, Social Media, Web Design

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