The Best Web Design Companies in Charlottesville, Virginia

Looking for a fresh new website? The best websites are intentionally designed to "wow" customers with an excellent user experience that leads them to take action.

This list of Charlottesville-based designers contains companies that boast a variety of different specialties: some are designers first, others are more technical and have more experience in development, and some have secondary specialties like search engine optimization or photography.

This list was created to help companies and individuals find the best Charlottesville web designers based on their portfolio, design skills, development and price.

1. Logical - Downtown

Logical creates fast, custom-built websites optimized for search engines, built to drive conversions. We typically recommend Wordpress for in-depth, customizable content. For those looking for a simpler website builder we will turn to Squarespace. Either way, we create websites with that turn browsers into customers with an excellent user experience.

Specialties: Web Design & Development, SEO

Platforms: Wordpress, Squarespace

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2. Convoy - Downtown

Convoy leverages their graphic design and branding expertise to create user experiences that leave a lasting impression. They work with clients they believe in because they know that a is only as strong as the people behind.

Specialties: Graphic Design, Branding, Web Development

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3. Charlottesville Media Group - Downtown

Cville Media uses Wordpress to power their mobile-friendly, responsive web development projects. They specialize in building custom content with everything from Javascript to PHP in their wheelhouse.

Specialties: Web Development, Web Design, Graphic Design

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4. Vibethink - Downtown

Vibethink delivers thought-out user experiences in each of their projects. They know that a website is the face of a company's brand and they don't stop in there relentless pursuit of perfecting their clients' website content and navigation.

Specialties: Web Design & Development, Branding

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5. Douglas Green - Charlottesville, VA

Douglas's extensive design and development experience is on display in the work he provides his clients. The 20+ years he's worked with design studios, agencies, and bigger clients has paid off. Douglas splits his time between his own business and as an interviewer/consultant for candidates in front-end development.

Specialties: Web Development, Web Design

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6. Blue Cloud Studio - Barboursville, VA

Blue Cloud Studio creates custom websites from their design and development to hosting and search engine optimization (SEO). To Blue Cloud, a project isn't complete unless all the details and variety of marketing pieces are in place.

Specialties: Web Design & Development

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7. Albano Design - Charlottesville, VA

Albano Design offers more than just web design. Christa specializes in graphics, logos, photography, and more. She works with business big and small to create quality, beautiful websites.

Specialties: Web Design, Photography, Graphics

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8. drw Design - Charlottesville, VA

Drw takes care of websites so business owner's can take care of their business. They know that business owners are busy. They've got enough on their plates and a web designer / developer can be one step in easing the load on a business owners multitude of tasks.

Specialties: Web Design, 

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9. Burwind - Ruckersville, VA

Burwind develops responsive websites in Wordpress to leave users with a positive user experience that leads to action. With Shenandoah Joe's, the Music Resource Center, and the Albemarle County Fair as clients, Burwind has a strong foothold of clients in the Charlottesville area.

Specialties: Wordpress, Divi

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10. Eric Rac - Charlottesville, VA

Eric creates websites developed with the customer experience at the heart of the design. His websites are responsive and aim to create lasting impressions on users.

Specialties: Squarespace

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