Content marketing is the answer to organic search success. Keyword research is the answer to content marketing.


The 3-Step Process to Keyword Research

1. Brainstorming and Discovery

2. Competitor Analysis

3. Keyword Selection

Brainstorming and Discovery

We "cast a wide net" to find keywords that target searchers at different points in the sales funnel. Keywords that relate to your business, products, and customers are added to a list where we analyze monthly search data and user intent to determine a keyword’s potential for success.

Competitor Analysis

We examine competitors to ensure there is "space" for us to rank and drive traffic. Vague keywords are often difficult due to high competition. We find keywords with gaps in the competition for the best chance for rankings, traffic, and lead generation.

Keyword Selection

Further keyword analysis tells us which keywords are most likely to convert traffic. We narrow our scope to select a keyword topic we can target with quality content. That keyword must satisfy three criteria: significant monthly searches, reasonable competition, and conversion potential. Next, we choose our topic and create quality content.