Squarespace Tutorial for Beginners (2016)

Video Transcription:

Hi! I'm Toshy Penny

Today we're going to show you how to get started in Squarespace.

We're going to

  1. Create a new page
  2. Add a banner image
  3. Text
  4. A call-to-action button, and
  5. Content below the fold.

So, let's start at your main menu.

Click "Pages."

I'm going to create a page in the not linked section.

I'll simply call it "Homepage."

And I'll start with this blank page template.

Let's start out with some text. When you click in the "write here" block, you can begin adding text. When you start typing, you get a paragraph.

Now I'm also going to add some other blocks. Above, I'm going to add a text block -- a header. I'm going to add another block below -- another header.

Let's get into the banner. Click on settings (which you can access from this page or by clicking the gear icon in the pages menu.

I'm going to disable this page as this is my live website. And you might want to do the same, but make sure it's enabled when you're done.

Click media.

Add an image. And I'm just going to use this landscape here. Inserting that image will upload a banner image.

It will get rid of the black background and you'll see your image. And what you can do is overlay it with text in this description area.

So let's write "Bold Text Banner." Now when you make it bold it makes [the text] big. When you use small text, it will appear smaller. If you want a button, create a link, and you'll have a button.

Click save.

And there ya go!

This was our bold text, the small text, and the link. And now you've created this nice big background here.

When you make content you need a nice combination of text and images to make an engaging page.

One way of doing that is by having text on the left and text on the right.

Move the cursor to the position on the page where you want to add text.

Create a text block and drag and drop your text blocks so they are arranged like so...

Another layout is to have three separate columns. You can use text and images.

Let's center the text and make it look a little nicer. And we'll get some headers in here.

If you have other pages you can add buttons [below the text].

I'm going to make [the button] small. 

You can also place images above the text. I'll just use this random cutout of me. 

Screenshot (399).png

I'm going to show you one other way to lay out content.

The last method has image and text to highlight one important thing.

We've got an image. We're going to add some text.

Slide your text next to your image.

Line up text with the image so they are the same height.

Add a button below text. (Optional)

That's it!

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