Improve keyword rankings with Wordpress experts in search engine optimization, content marketing, and Google Analytics.


Yoast SEO

  • Technical SEO and search engine setup / verification
  • Keyword optimization - drive traffic by ranking for priority and long tail keywords
  • Content analysis - optimize content for organic search and traffic
  • Google Search Console & XML Sitemaps - search engine setup
  • Content readability - improve key site metrics with quality content
  • Robots.txt file - ensures Google and Bing can crawl your site
  • Duplicate content checker - helps clarify website content for search engines

Intelligent Keyword Research

With the latest tools and techniques, we help companies rank for priority and long tail keywords.

Our process uses data to develop strategies targeting the biggest impact.

This research lays the foundation for future content endeavors like driving traffic and improving domain authority.

Our keyword research process has been honed down to three components.

  1. Search volume - Average monthly searches in target location(s)
  2. Competition - Comparison of domain authorities (DA), i.e. website strength
  3. Relevance - Search intent and website goals -- do they match?

Smarter Content Marketing

With Google search engine results page (SERP) insights, sound keyword research, and creative design, Logical's content marketing puts your website on track for long-term success.

Your content marketing is driven by your brand, your services, and keyword research. We'll help you shape content to satisfy website users, bolster your brand, and rank for keywords.

We use keyword research to prioritize our content marketing efforts to best position your website in search engines.

Sound Technical SEO

About Technical SEO

Technical SEO lays the foundation for future SEO success. We make sure you're properly setup with search engines.

Once the foundation is laid, we move on to pressing issues like keyword research and content marketing.

SEO Foundations:

  • Google Analytics - track your site's data and progress
  • Conversion Tracking - benchmarks for success
  • Google Search Console - ensure your website is properly introduced to Google
  • XML Sitemap - provides search engines with your site architecture and URLs
  • Bing Webmaster Tools - introduce your site to Bing
  • Meta Tags & Headers - optimize with keywords to boost keyword rankings
    • Title tags
    • Meta descriptions
    • Alt tags
    • Headers (H1s, H2s, H3s)
  • Robots.txt files - verify your site can be seen by search engines
  • Domain name servers (DNS) - ensures proper domain / hosting setup
  • URL structure - we use URL structures that make sense to users and search engines

Advanced Reporting and Metrics

With Google Analytics and superior data analysis we track everything to improve decision making and enhance our marketing efforts.

To get more search engine traffic we look at organic landing pages, i.e. which web pages drive traffic through Google.

To better understand design and user experience (UX) we look at bounce rates, pages per session, and conversions.

We analyze the sales funnel with exit rates and we seek data-backed solutions that improve site metrics and performance.