What?s going on? Why aren?t we ranking?

Well, there could be tons of reasons. The only way to find out is to dive deep into your website analytics and hypothesize what might be the reason.

What are website analytics?

When we talk about analytics we?re talking about numbers.

  • Who is on your site?
  • Where did they come from?
  • What is your site?s domain authority?

There are many data points to evaluate marketing campaigns or to find opportunity for new ideas.

Commons analytics tools

Google Analytics is the most common source of all this data. There are plenty of others. Google Analytics is probably the industry standard for website source data (vs. estimators).

Our second most important source data tool for SEO is Google Search Console. Search Console has your keyword rankings. It tells you about how your website is interpreted and it?s an excellent resource for keyword research.

There are plenty of other tools (some free, some paid) that estimate a variety of data points related to SEO. Here are some popular tools.

Free tools

Paid tools

Who needs website analytics?

Any company interested in SEO could use website analytics. Analytics affect more than SEO. It?s a realm of data analysis and numbers that can?

  1. Help you draw conclusions about what?s working and what?s not.
  2. Help you gauge the potential value of future campaigns

Diagnosing website issues

As we?ve said, ranking issues can stem from a number of factors.

Common ranking issues include?

  1. Poor content
  2. Not enough links
  3. Bad content
  4. Launching a new website (without SEO TLC)
  5. Changing domains
  6. Poor title tags
  7. Bad keyword research strategies

Find a company that understands data

This is almost as important as anything else. Data is relevant to all aspects of SEO (link building, content marketing, title tags).

Think hard about data and decision making before hiring any particular company. Whoever is leading the charge should have a deep understanding of numbers and what they mean.

Otherwise you?ve got the blind leading the blind.