Local SEO

Local SEO

What is local seo?

Local SEO is the process of improving keyword rankings to drive organic traffic for searches in your area.

Local SEO vs. nationwide SEO

There are a few differences related to:

  1. Content
  2. Title tags
  3. Page structure
  4. Blogging

But the biggest difference?

Google My Business

Search Google for ?italian food? in your city. For me, that?s ?italian food charlottesville.?

What do I see? A map. A map with several local Italian restaurants in Charlottesville.

Those listings are pulled from Google My Business pages created by each restaurant.

GMB results display for a wide variety of local keywords and if you?re a local company, GMB is a must.

Set up your account, get verified, fill out all your information, and collect reviews.

Like Google?s search algorithm, the GMB algorithm is also a bit of a mystery, however, we know some of it?s factors.

Here are some common factors in the GMB algorithm.

  • Locations. How close your business is to the searcher
  • Keywords in name. Some businesses jam keywords in here. You can try testing things but do so with care. You never know when Google will hit you with a penalty if you try to ?beat the system.? But it does seem evident that keywords in your business name can help.
  • Reviews. Get more reviews. They should help your GMB rankings.
  • Website authority. How well your site ranks in traditional organic results.
  • Links. As with regular organic search results, links are an easy way for search engine?s to measure a website?s authority.

To improve your GMB listings, here are a few tips:

  1. Have a usable website. If it?s not easy for users to find information, they will leave. If they don?t like your website, Google will probably figure it out and there?s a decent chance that will negatively impact your rankings.
  2. Get reviews. The easiest way to get customers to leave reviews is to send them a link that will prompt them to leave a review. Follow Google?s directions here. Users must have a Google account to leave a review.
  3. Fill out all the information GMB lets you. Don?t skimp. Fill in your services, add your logo, photos, as much as you can so that when users are searching for products or services similar to yours, you have a better chance of showing up.

OK, that?s all for Google My Business. Moving on!


A local content strategy should be similar to a traditional nationwide strategy except you?ll want to add some local flavor.

Instead of targeting ?plumber services? target ?plumber services charlottesville va.?

Get your address in your footer so that ?Charlottesville, VA? is clearly your area of business.

Create a service area page with a map.

Make sure users (and search engines) know your location.

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Title tags

Add location keywords to your title tags. If you?re in Charlottesville, use ?Charlottesville? in your homepage title tag.

Plumbing Services in Charlottesville, VA | CompanyName

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Page structure

Create product or services pages for each of your products/services.

If you?re a plumber, create pages for each of your services. You don?t need to go overboard, but look at this screenshot. This company has literally created pages for every single one of their services.


Because if someone searches for ?drain cleaning charlottesville? instead of ?plumber charlottesville? they have a page directly related to that keyword.

Google may show that Drain Cleaning page over the homepage or a general ?plumbing services? page, depending on a variety of irrelevant algorithmic factors.

What is relevant, is that by creating a page for each of your most important services, you give your website more opportunity to show up for that keyword/service.


Blogging is essential to most any SEO strategy. It provides a platform to create new content about keywords in your industry.

Each blog present a new opportunity to target keywords.

For local SEO, blog about topics relevant to your area of interest. Build up your ?authority? for your area. Write about anything related to your products, services, or your audience.

If you own a local farm, write about the best ?Farm to Table Restaurants? in your area.

Get creative! If you can reach the right people and demonstrate to search engines that you create quality content, then they may rank other related pages higher too.

Wrapping up

Local SEO is quite a similar process to nationwide SEO. Local SEO involves quality content, link building, and most importantly Google My Business!

There are a variety of other factors related to local SEO, most of which are applicable at the nationwide level as well.